Western Poles Company recently signed a landmark agreement with ForestrySA for the first shipment of quality Radiata Pine from the Green Triangle region in Mt Gambier. 

It is the first time Western Poles has imported pine into WA, now primed to become a permanent option for its customers along with its established NSW hardwood poles.

Western Poles’ customer base is increasingly looking for cost efficient, durable and lasting pole products that can withstand the harsh elements of the WA climate. To help meet this growing demand, the Mt Gambier pine is being introduced to Western Poles product line to supplementing its locally sourced Radiata pine.

“We are extremely pleased with the quality, presentation and performance of the Mt Gambier pine”, says Managing Director Anthony Ridolfo. “We are also highly impressed by the professionalism and service provided by ForestrySA, whose enthusiasm and willingness to create a new export market for their product have made all of this possible.”

The initial shipment from Mt Gambier will be produced into poles for utility and mining customers.